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Smith CountyMiddle School



Our theme for this year’s AR program is United We Learn as we read and learn about the Olympics, the electoral process, and American heroes.  

STAR testing is done at the first of every nine weeks to determine student reading levels. There is no pre-prep for this test, but students are expected to try their best to be successful.

We will have AR Awards day at the end of each 9 weeks to recognize those that have made their goal.

I’m working on a Read-to-Me program for students to be read to or read with and take AR test for additional success and would like to talk with any interested volunteers. All read-to-me activities would occur for 30 minutes in the library.

We are in the READ20 program this year. All student AR goals will be set for reading 20 minutes a day.  We will be finding creative ways to get our 20 minutes of reading in daily!

We have a snowcone fundraiser on first Friday of every month to buy new books.